Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dreg Series: Alroy Irish Red

This is a continuing series on harvesting yeast from production beers.  The focus of this is to collect, grow and ferment a beer with these Brett or wild yeast strains.  The majority of the wort for this experiment is collected by brewing 7 gallons instead of the typical 6 during a normal Homebrew session.  Each of these post will develop slowly as the Brett/Funk matures over time.

Base Recipe: Alroy Irish Red #2

Production Beer Harvested (Dregs): Russian River Supplication, The Bruery Oude Tart.

The dregs of both beers were added independently to 500ml flasks with 1.030 started wort.  They were able to grow for a period of 2 months.  They were kept dark and at 70 degrees during this time.

Dreg Beers in the fermentation chamber
Alroy Irish Red is a beer I brewed for a fun homebrew competition between friends at the end of May.  This is my second attempt at this beer because I brewed my 1st one so early.  (it is currently priming in the keggor)  I added the 2 dreg base yeast at about a 70/30 split Russian River to The Bruery.   No Sac yeast was added to this dreg beer only the bugs.  In addition I added 1" of my Red Oak Honeycomb inserts.  The insert was soaking in Cabernet Sauvignon for about 3 weeks.


Today (9-29-12) I bottled this beer and netted 8, 12 oz bottles.  I will post a tasting soon.

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